Let’s give gifts to our children not stereotypes!

Looking for a gift for a kid? Here is a great video to avoid offering sexists cliches with it. 

Magasins U (forth largest French retailer) have been the first in 2012 in France to issue a Christmas catalog without labeling toys for either ‘boys’ or ‘girls.  In 2015, for Christmas,  they continued on the same trend with this brilliant video.

Christmas is already far behind us, but there is no season to stop stereotyping children, it also works for birthday gifts and no reason gifts,  all year round!

Great initiative in an industry where we would like to see more companies taking action against gender stereotyped toys!


Feminist on the outside, macho on the inside

Understanding the evil power of implicit associations

Being concerned about stereotyped toys and clothes for our children is not as trifling as it seems. When Elodie and I decided to embark on this blog, I immediately wondered: “Breaking gender norms, pink and unicorns for girls, blue and dinosaurs for boys… OK, but why? Is it only to give more choices to our children?”

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