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Why are Astronaut pajamas sold in the boys’ aisle?

I am writing to you, my dear H&M.

First, well, I have to say that your Astronaut pajamas, are really cool, my daughter loves them (and my son too)! But WHY do I have to go to the boys’ aisle to find them?

You make other super nice pajamas: firefighter, baseball player, super hero … They are so great that I could buy them all, except that…. All of them are sold in the boys’ aisle! And this is annoying…

Let’s have a look at your girls’ pajamas , what are they supposed to dream of at night?

Capture filles 2

Disney princesses, cute little bunnies, small butterflies… Cute, for sure, my daughter loves that too.  But why are they all so girly ? I have found only one set of Star Wars pajamas lost amidst all these girly-pinky-frilly items…

Yet girls can also dream that they will save the world, go beyond their limits or explore the universe.

Yes, women are under-represented among astronauts … probably because toys, television, advertising, books, and even pajamas keep telling girls that this is a men’s job.

Let our children decide what they want to dream of, do not impose our harsh reality on them. Why don’t  you ALSO sell these pajamas in the girls’ aisle? Why don’t try a unisex aisle?

I’ve noticed on your online store that costumes traditionally marketed for boys are available in the girls section, and vice versa. This is a step in the right direction, towards less stereotyping and more freedom. Why don’t you go further?

And if you’re not ready yet for the unisex aisle, and if you want to continue selling girls’ pajamas and boys’ pajamas, sell us Cleopatra WonderWoman, Rey, Spider-Gwen, or Black Widow pajamas. There are so many cool heroines to let  girls dream of other things than bunnies frolicking among the flowers. And if they are really cool, you might also sell them to boys !

Thank you in advance H&M!

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